There’s More Than One Way To Make A Bathtub

Crofton Plumbing Services - Bathtubs More Than One Way

You may have been thinking about getting remodeling done to your bathroom and wondering what kind of choices you’d have available when working with Crofton plumbing services. For the bathtub, in particular, there are many options to go with, which is a crucial choice.

Depending on the kind of bathroom you want, you can go with a standard-sized bathtub or a larger, almost hot-tub-like experience. However, beyond just the size or shape of a bathtub, there is also the choice of materials. This is something that you should give a lot of thought to in the planning stages, and here are some of the options available.


On the low end of the spectrum, fiberglass bathtubs are the cheapest choice available. Some people may choose this material for a gust bathroom that won’t get a lot of usage, or a rental unit, where paying premium prices isn’t a priority. Fiberglass is both cheap and lightweight, making it easy to work with on a budget.

Unfortunately, you do get what you pay for. Of all the bathtub material choices, fiberglass is most likely to degrade or wear out first.


This is the standard choice for many bathrooms, especially where premium expenditure isn’t a focus. Acrylic can sometimes use fiberglass for reinforcement. However, for the added cost, acrylic adds the flexibility of fiberglass with greater durability.

Acrylic may be scratched, but this is easy to repair with sanding and a little bit of extra treatment. It’s a durable, economical choice popular with bathtub users that want a balance between price and long lifespan.

Steel Enamel

A step up from acrylic, steel enamel looks, on the surface, nearly identical to acrylic. However, as the name implies, steel enamel is a more robust material that has been treated to be resistant to moisture the rust this usually brings.

Steel is a heavier, more durable material, so you pay more for it, but it also has a solidity that lighter materials can’t match.

Porcelain Enamel

What was one of the traditional bathtub materials of choice, porcelain is still in use today. However, it is now more of a premium material choice, being heavier and more expensive than modern material choices. Suppose you’ve ever seen the classic “clawfoot” bathtub in period photographs, television, and movies. In that case, you know what a porcelain tub can look like.

As with steel, this is a more expensive choice, but it beautifies a bathroom in a way the cheaper materials can’t.


Now we’re entering into the more exotic/premium arena. Marble is an expensive material for both countertop and floor choices, so it should be no surprise that this holds true for bathtubs as well. The distinctive look of marble is hard to beat.

Of course, the heaviness of marble and the cost of getting marble from quarries means that you pay more. But for a luxury bathroom, this is a popular choice for those willing to spend.
Plan your bathtub choice carefully as you work with Crofton plumbing services. Doing it right will means years of reliable, worry-free use.