There’s More To The Bathroom Than The Tub & Toilet

Baltimore Contractors: There Is More To A Bathroom

If you’ve decided to work with Baltimore contractors on improving your bathroom, take the time to look at all the new features available today. While a toilet, tub, or shower stall are expected fixtures to be added to this room, there are many more options today to improve your time in the bathroom.

Heated Floors

When it’s winter and the temperature drops, cool tile can sometimes be very unpleasant to walk on first thing in the morning. If you want to have a more comfortable experience, radiant heat emitters can be built into a bathroom floor. This ensures that stepping onto the tile when you wake up still feels as warm as your bed. These days, the technology isn’t as expensive as you think!

Steam/Sauna Shower

Sometimes a good sit in a sauna is what you need to relax and loosen pores and muscles. If your master bedroom is large enough, a sauna or steam shower can be installed just big enough for two. Saunas are one of the best ways not just to destress but actually loosen and relax muscles. This can be an essential finish for people who work out to ensure healthy muscle development after a rigorous exercise session. It’s also an excellent way to slow things down and relax, even spend quality time with a loved one.

Many people use the bathroom for personal grooming. This just makes sense, as shaving, cutting hair, or applying makeup can all be safely done here with minimal effort for cleaning up the room afterward. However, a single ceiling-based light source is not suitable for applying makeup and getting ready to go out. LED technology is much cheaper these days. It makes a traditional vanity lighting system for mirrors much more cost-effective to install.

So if you’re working with Baltimore contractors to improve your bathroom, think about the convenience features that can make a difference beyond toilets and bathing.