Things That Often Contribute To Water Trickling From Your Showerhead

Things That Often Contribute To Water Trickling From Your Showerhead

People typically think the worst when something goes wrong with their plumbing. They believe that whenever an incident occurs, the best way to fix it is by replacing an affected fixture, pipe, or another part. Of course, on some occasions, replacement is the only option, but many times, a simple repair is all that is needed. Tubs and showers are essential for helping people practice good hygiene, get clean, and become refreshed. However, when a mere trickle is coming from the showerhead, washing and rinsing become nearly impossible.

Most folks lather their hair up nicely with shampoo and merely rinse the suds away. Unfortunately, when low water pressure is an issue, the task is not so simple for the bather. The individual is often left feeling like they have to turn around twenty times in the shower just to get wet. Don’t fret if this dilemma is plaguing you. Instead, contact our plumbers to remedy the problem quickly. We are one of the original Bowie & Crofton plumbing companies, and the team has proudly been assisting members of the community since 1971. Services include but are not limited to…

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Common Causes For Low Showerhead Water Pressure


1. Galvanized Piping

Galvanized pipes are notorious for rusting and sending fragments through the system. These bits and pieces have to go somewhere, and they often become stuck behind faucet seats, stem washers, or even inside the showerhead itself. If the blockage is too severe, sections of pipe may need to become replaced, or an entire home repipe might be necessary. However, in many cases, the plumber can just remove the foreign contaminant and get the water flowing again.

2. The Showerhead Style

Sometimes, low water pressure can be attributed to the style of showerhead being used. For instance, a rain head will not produce the full, delightful stream that most people crave. Handheld models are nice, and they allow the individual to move about the shower or even sit down while bathing. However, not all of the hoses have a suitable opening, backflow preventers are required, and with the factory installed water savers, they may never create an adequate flow. Therefore, before running out and making a spontaneous purchase, consult with our professional, friendly team to ensure that you pick the right showerhead for your situation.