Three Premium Features To Improve Your Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen Cabinets: 3 Premium Features To Improve Them

Getting new kitchen cabinets is often a big priority for people remodeling their kitchens. However, there are many more ways that kitchen cabinets can improve the kitchen experience beyond just being shiny, new, and having a different layout. Here are some features that make a big difference.

Dedicated Charging Drawer

The 21st century is a digital world, and more and more people bring their devices into the kitchen. Whether it’s kids doing homework or a homeowner following a video recipe, video chatting with friends, devices now spend a lot of time in the kitchen.

A charging drawer is an excellent addition to any modern kitchen. Unlike electrical outlets embedded in a wall, a charging drawer can shut, protecting it from all the fluids that can potentially spill in a kitchen. Devices are always safe with a phone or tablet recharging in a drawer.

Pullout Shelves

Most cabinets open the doors to reveal a large, fixed space for storage. However, an easier, more convenient way to build out these spaces is to have kitchen cabinets with pullout features, similar to a drawer but larger.

Pullout or rollout shelves can fulfill many functions. If you use a lot of herbs, spices, and other seasonings, a pullout spice rack makes things easier. For people who regularly retrieve manry smaller appliances, such as an air fryer or Instant Pot, a pullout out base cabinet means easier retrieval.

Corner Carousel Kitchen Cabinets

A corner cabinet is simultaneously a smart use of space but can also be inconvenient due to storage requirements. However, having a corner cabinet turned into a carousel makes this space-efficient yet still easy to use.

Carousel cabinets rotate; anything needed is no longer difficult to retrieve from the rear corner and can be easily picked up just by turning to the appropriate spot. However, the rotating nature of the carousel still makes it practical to position the shelving in the corner.