Three Red Flags To Watch Out For In A Contractor

Crofton Maryland Remodeling: Watch For Three Red Flags

Planning is essential for anyone considering some Crofton Maryland remodeling, and one of the most important things you can do in the early stages is pick an experienced, professional contractor. Ultimately, once you’ve selected cabinets, decided on a bathtub, or committed to getting tiles for the floor, it’s up to the contractor to make all this come true, so you can walk into your new kitchen or bathroom and enjoy the upgrade.

This is why you should always take the time to make sure you have a good feeling about the contractor working for you. While there are some basics you should always consider during your search for a Crofton Maryland remodeling contractor, there are also some warning signs you should watch out for. Exercise caution if you experience any of these red flags.

Nothing To See

If you can’t find a website with the contractor’s work, and the contractor can’t even show photos of past work or is unwilling to furnish them, you should probably walk away. The only reason a contractor would ever try to hide a job done in the past is that there’s a strong chance the work doesn’t look good, and you’ll know it the moment you see it.

Good contractors have good track records and past accomplishments. While it’s true that every contractor started somewhere, with a first client, you have to thoroughly examine whether or not you feel confident being that first.

Spotty References

In keeping with nothing to see, always look for a contractor that is more than happy to give you references with contact details that you can follow up on. If a contractor has done a consistently good job over the years of Crofton Maryland remodeling, then there will be a list of satisfied customers willing to back up the contractor’s claims.

If you find a contractor that doesn’t want to give you references, or you see that the references have large gaps, such as doing one job three years ago and another six years ago, be careful. Good contractors should have a track record every year, not just one or two highlights from years past.

Putting On Pressure

This is the biggest red flag of all to watch for. You are the customer, and the contractor is there to help you realize the dream you have for your kitchen, bathroom, or both. That means that it’s up to both of you to establish an honest and respectful business relationship with each other.

If a contractor is unwilling to put things down in writing, insisting that “handshake deals” are sufficient, or gives quotes while demanding that you sign on the dotted line without first thinking about it, you should back out of the deal. Not having anything in writing means that you have nothing to defend yourself with in a legal situation, even if you are the victim of fraud. It’s also important for you to take some time to look at a quote and think about it.

A contractor that doesn’t want to give you that time, and insists on a decision now, is likely to do this again later during the remodeling.