Time For Plumbing Projects

Wintertime brings with it the opportunity to tackle the many indoor projects that you just don’t feel like doing in the warmth of the spring, the heat of the summer, or the enjoyable coolness of the fall. Winter brings temperatures that force you to be inside, but what better way to spend your inside time than watching the Terrapins on TV and drinking hot cocoa? Oh wait, that’s not what we mean. Yes, you need to support your local college basketball team, but you also need to work the projects that need to get done. Are any of these problems plaguing your home?

  • The kitchen sink has been leaking slowly for a few months now. You had hoped that putting a bucket underneath would fix the problem, but now the leak has sped its flow.
  • The bathroom toilet had been flushing funny; you have to hold it down for longer and longer in order to empty the contents.
  • With the recent snowstorm, you’ve been worried about the sump pump; is it in working order to handle the spring thaw?
  • The hot water doesn’t seem to be staying hot enough and long baths are becoming less frequent just when you need them the most.
  • That darned dishwasher sounds louder than it should; could there be a problem with the water flow?
  • No matter how much liquid drain opener you pour down the sink in the half-bath, the clog remains.
  • The wife has been begging you to install that automatic ice maker since last summer but, truthfully, you have no idea how to.

One call to Cardigan and these troubles can be solved. Our third-generation Master Plumbers can handle those problems, and any others that you might have. If it involves water, we can fix it. And right now, we’ll give you $20.00 off on your first plumbing service call. Set up your appointment today and we’ll have you fixed up in no time, giving you more time to focus on the Terrapins. Go team!

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