Is It Time For A Tankless Water Heater?

Is It Time For A Tankless Water Heater?

If you’re remodeling your bathroom, you may also be looking at your plumbing itself and trying to decide whether now is the time for an upgrade or not. If you live in a very old home in Bowie, with old pipes for water and sew-age this is not just a good idea, it may be a safer one in the long run! But for Bowie plumbing services, another factor you might consider for your new shower, bathtub and sink is a tankless water heater. But is it the right choice for you?

Endless Hot Water

Traditional water heaters store water in a tank, then either use gas or electricity to heat up the water in that tank. Once the tank is used up, you need to wait until the next batch of water is warmed up. With a tankless water heater, however, the water is heated right “in the pipe” and stays that way once it’s warmed up. This means that once you turn it on, you’ll never ever run out of hot water! So why wouldn’t you want to do this? There are a couple of factors to consider before you commit to the decision.

Smaller Homes Are Better

With a traditional water heater, if someone is taking shower, while someone is using the dishwasher, and some-one else is taking a bath, everyone will receive hot water until the tank empties. With a tankless water heating system, the more people that use the water, the more of a strain there is on the system unless you buy a more powerful system.

It’s Expensive Upfront

A tankless water heater draws less energy than a traditional system, and so will actually save money in the long run. At the start, however, the price of a tankless system is more than a traditional system. This is especially true if you compare “family size” tankless systems versus a comparable water heater tank. Look at your home use and your needs carefully and discuss them with a professional plumbing services in Bowie, MD before deciding on which water heating system is right for you.