Tips To Help Any Homeowner With A Kitchen Or Bath Renovation

Tips To Help Any Homeowner With A Kitchen Or Bath Renovation

If you’ve recently decided that you wanted to undergo a kitchen or bath renovation, congratulations! The prospect of upgrading your home is exhilarating. However, for many who are looking to complete a remodel without any prior experience, it could also be very daunting. Fortunately, we’ve taken the time to compile a few tips that could help any homeowner with a kitchen or bath renovation, hopefully making the process simpler and easing your concerns.


Be Patient


This is easier said than done, but it’s one of the most critical things to remember when undergoing a kitchen or bath remodel. You should know that your project is likely not going to go as planned. Delays and hiccups are bound to occur. If you let them get to you, it can send your entire project into a tailspin quickly.

And while you should have taken the time to plan, don’t be afraid to be flexible when need be. For instance, one customer of ours was interested in installing a laundry chute that ran from the second floor of their home to their laundry room.

However, when peeling back drywall, we discovered that this would no longer be feasible. The customer adapted on the fly and turned the wall into a showpiece made of tile. Just because one door closes doesn’t mean another can’t open!


Don’t Be Afraid To Recycle Furnishings


If there are some features or appliances in your kitchen or bathroom that you love, don’t be afraid to reuse them when renovating. For example, if there’s a particular bathtub or wash basin that you want to keep, feel free to do so! This will not only help tie your old and new structures together seamlessly, but it could also help you cut project costs significantly.

Similarly, not every appliance has to be new. Shopping at a salvage yard or second-hand store could still yield some excellent projects. The saying, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure” is true when it comes to remodels!


Browse Before Buying Products


You don’t necessarily need to buy a product the first time you see it. Instead, browse online and in other stores to see if you can’t find a better deal. Some of the homeowners that have the most success buying products for their home remodel shop actively online. Try looking on websites such as Amazon Warehouse to score amazing deals on things such as:

• Light fixtures
• Plumbing fixtures
• Appliances


Contact Remodeling Experts


While there are some aspects of a kitchen or bath renovation that you may be able to complete yourself, there are other aspects where you’d be better off relying on the expertise of a professional contractor. If you live in the Annapolis area and are looking for a professional to help you with your kitchen or bath renovation, be sure to contact Cardigan today. We’ll work with you to ensure your project is completed as you anticipated.