Toilets Have Come A Long Way

Toilets Have Come A Long Way

Anyone thinking about bathroom remodeling in Maryland is probably going to get a new toilet in the process. But what many people don’t realize is that there’s a whole suite of advanced, high tech features for today’s toilets that do far more than just flush. Here are some of your options.

Self-Lowering Seats

For people that complain that someone in the house is always leaving the seat up on toilets, this is the perfect solution. Some toilets come built-in with sensors to detect the presence of people and motion. If someone lifts the seat up, uses the toilet, then leaves, this feature senses the absence of a person and automatically closes the lid.

Bidet Functions

For people that are concerned with being as clean as possible after using the toilet, the bidet, or a stream of water rising from the toilet itself, is a welcome feature. Today’s toilets, however, have advanced bidet features including controlling the temperature and pressure of the water, the direction of the stream, and even applying a blast of air, like a dryer.

Water Conservation

For some people, environmental friendliness is a big concern. Some toilets feature an innovative design, building a sink into, and on top of, a toilet so that the water that is first used in the sink runs directly into the toilet, which is then ready to use it for flushing. This can have a big impact on lowering water bills, in addition to saving on water waste.

Warm Seats

Some people dislike the shock and discomfort that comes from sitting on a cold toilet seat. Some toilets, however, have built-in heating elements that warm a toilet seat and ensure that sitting down is always a warm, comfortable experience.

By talking with an expert about bathroom remodeling in Maryland, you can explore your toilet options and get a new model that does a lot more to keep you comfortable than just flush.