Toilets Have Gone High Tech

High Tech Toilets With Bathroom Remodeling Companies In Crofton

Few people give a lot of thought to “evolving” their toilet experience when working with bathroom remodeling companies in Crofton to improve a bathroom. However, the 21st century has brought many innovations even to the humble toilet, and homeowners have many high-tech features they can consider if they’re upgrading. Here are a few that homeowners may be interested in.

Seat Warming

Toilet seats can be cold, especially during the winter, but this is no longer the case with modern toilets. Heating elements are built into some toilets so that sitting down on them is always a comfortable, toasty experience. Perfect for homeowner sensitive to the cold.

Bidet Functions

As environmental and cleanliness concerns grow, bidet functions are growing increasingly popular in North America. The formerly Euro-centric feature is a fountain or series of fountains that spray water upwards. This is a substitute for toilet paper can often be much cleaner. Newer toilets even include air dryers to make the experience more convenient after usage.

Ultraviolet Cleaning Systems

Germs and bacteria are part and parcel of a toilet’s usage, which requires cleaning. However, some high-tech toilets have taken advantage of the sanitizing properties of ultraviolet light. These toilets douse themselves in UV light to kill off germs and bacteria. They may even be treated with unique surfaces to make them more resistant to staining and retain their clean look far longer.

Human Assistance

Some new toilets have been built with sensors to detect a person coming into a bathroom. When this happens, they may be programmed to raise the lid when someone enters and close it when they leave. Some toilets now even have speakers connecting to the home network to play music while you sit.

So if you’re talking to bathroom remodeling companies in Crofton about improving your bathroom, give some thought to whether you want to change up your toilet experience.