The Top 2 Reasons To Consider Investing In A New Toilet

The Top 2 Reasons To Consider Investing In A New Toilet

The toilet has been called different names over the years. These labels are not necessarily flattering, as they range from a commode to a throne, but these items are essential to our health and deserve at least a little respect. Usually, unless these beneficial things are broken, they stay out of sight and out of mind. They may come up in conversation if you are considering a remodel, or if a new brand has come on the market, but there are reasons to think about investing in a new toilet.

Water Consumption

There are not many homeowners that still have the old style tanks, but some are still out there. Technology and designs have come a long way since the first low-flow toilet became available. Bigger drain openings, larger flush valves, and multiple other tweaks have taken place to ensure that all waste is carried down into the sewer. As calcium deposits develop inside the rim, typically in older commodes that have been in use for years, there is not enough water flow for the toilet to function properly. The unit will require multiple flushes, and even still, all of the waste might not go down. The excessive use of water can cause your water bill to increase dramatically, which is why water consumption is the best reason to consider getting a new toilet.

Aesthetic Appeal

It is not every day that you think about adding aesthetic appeal to your bathroom by installing a new commode, but new elegant models have made it a possibility. We are not saying that you need to rush out and buy a unit that has a bidet built on to the seat, or one that requires you to remodel your entire bathroom. There are plenty of high-quality toilets that are appealing to look at, and they offer superb functionality. However, depending entirely on what your preferences are, some come equipped with fewer curves to make cleaning easier, and others sit higher off of the floor for extra comfort.

There are so many different options to choose from that picking out a new toilet can become a daunting task. Our knowledgeable and experienced team can give you recommendations for models that we have seen work best in the field to help you make the best decision for your home. Toilets are not a part of daily conversation, but investing in a new one will provide you with a long-lasting option to use for years to come.

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