Top Bathroom Remodeling Trends For 2015

It may not seem like it, but your bathroom is a pretty important part of your home. The single most used fixture in any home is the toilet, and your bathroom will also act as the place you go to get ready to face the day, allow guests to freshen up, and prepare yourself for a great night’s sleep. If you plan to refresh your bathroom with a bit of a remodel, there are some bathroom remodeling trends for 2015 that you may want to incorporate into your space. A few bathroom remodeling trends that we can really get on board with at Cardigan are:

  • The deluxe shower – A shower isn’t just a shower, it’s your space to unwind and prepare for the day. Deluxe showers with multiple heads, all different types of functions, and plenty of space are the big bathroom remodeling trend for 2015, and they provide a shower experience unlike any you’ve ever experienced before.
  • Mixed lighting – Light from the ceiling, light from the walls, and light from the countertops are taking over bathrooms all across the United States. If you get ready in your bathroom, taking advantage of this embracing of light is highly recommended.
  • Practicality – Being practical is important for a bathroom, and practicality is particularly important for today’s bathroom remodel. Lots of space, cabinet room, storage, and a comfortable shower or tub are setting the stage for the rest of the bathroom’s style. The big perk to this type of remodel style is that you can love using your new bathroom just as much as you love looking at it!
  • White – When it comes to color, the absence of color is really taking the bathroom remodeling trend world by storm. White countertops, white cabinetry, and white tile are replacing the blues, greens, and other bold colors often seen in bathroom fixtures, and plenty of white provides a clean and simple look perfect for decorating.

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