Top-Notch Technological Devices For Your Bathroom Remodel

Top-Notch Technological Devices For Your Bathroom Remodel

Millennials are individuals that were born sometime between the early 80s and mid-1990s. This generation seems to have grown up with smartphones, smartwatches, or other gadgets attached at the hip. Plus, WiFi access is available almost everywhere, which makes it easy for them to post on Facebook, research products, or play games. There is nothing wrong with using the devices as they add convenience to our lives. However, people expect nothing less from their homes, and they look for places that feature the latest technology during the purchasing process.

If the bathroom does not come equipped with modern equipment, it is not uncommon for new owners to remodel and bring the location up to date. Unfortunately, finding a reputable, professional business to complete the work is not always an easy task. At Cardigan Kitchen and Baths, we always aim to exceed your expectations with high-quality craftsmanship and friendly service. Feel free to read previous customer testimonials, look over reviews, and when you are ready, give the office a call to schedule an appointment.


Consider These Gadgets And Gizmos For Your Bathroom Remodel


1. High-Tech Toilets

There are a lot of commodes available to consumers today. However, several high-tech models are transforming the industry and changing the way people look at bathrooms. For example, some manufacturers have created self-cleaning designs that remove stains with only the push of a button. Various units even come with motion sensor technology, which raises and lowers the seat, so users do not have to touch the lid. There are also toilets that are hands and paper-free. They commonly feature automatic drying mechanisms, spritzing wands, and temperature-controlled water.

2. Digital Faucets

Taking a trip to a hardware store’s plumbing aisle can be quite the overwhelming experience as there are numerous faucets available that claim to do this or that. Touchless designs prevent people from having to touch the handles or levers with gunk on their hands, so there is less of a mess to clean up after they are done. Some models have infrared tap technology, which senses movement and turns off when hands are not underneath the spout. Several faucets are even programmable, so users can set time limits for showering, brushing teeth, or other activities.

The possibilities of what your bathroom can become are endless. Get the technologically savvy restroom that you want, deserve, and crave by letting us renovate today.

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