Transform That Drab Basement Into A Comfortable Living Space

Transform That Drab Basement Into A Comfortable Living Space

No Longer Will We Be Afraid To Go Into The Basement

When we think about basements, our minds often wander to dirty, creepy, and spooky images, but together we can change those images. Hollywood films would have you believe that all basements are simply dark, dreary, and plain. Basements just get a bad wrap, and by remodeling your basement, you will gain extra storage, as well as a comfortable living space.

Concrete walls, darkness, and a single, small window are images of the past. Yorktowne cabinets can provide your basement with an elegant look, and they can provide your household with valuable storage space as well. Those hall closets that are filled to capacity can be emptied, and those items that you never see, buried in the attic, can become more accessible.

A custom entertainment center can be installed, providing you with the perfect man cave or game room. That spare bedroom, that was converted into your game room, can now be used as a guest bedroom. You will no longer have to ask your guests to sleep on the pull-out in the living room, and guests will be amazed with your at your newly renovated basement.

Ceramic Tile Can Make Cleaning Up Messes Easier

Man caves, or game rooms with carpet, may be a recipe for disaster. Game day parties are intense, provide plenty of emotions running wild, and excitement, which can result in disaster for a carpet. Spilled soft drinks, chip crumbs, and even wine can equal disaster. However, ceramic tile can provide an elegant look, and carpet stains become a thing of the past.

Ceramic tile can be easily cleaned and maintained. Meanwhile, carpet cleaning involves renting a machine, or calling a company that has the machines, which could become costly in a hurry. That red wine stain should not cause you grief, instead you should be able to simply wipe up the spill, and get back to your game.

Many different sizes, shapes, and colors of ceramic tile are available. This allows us to specialize your basement remodel to your specific needs. We are knowledgeable on all aspects of remodeling, and we are available to transform your basement into a comfortable living space, with much needed storage.

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