Transform Your Drab Kitchen To Fab With A New Sink And Faucet

Remodeling - Transform Your Kitchen With A New Sink And Faucet

Not everyone wants to deal with a full-blown kitchen remodel. It is not always a cheap ordeal, even if you are taking a hands-on, do-it-yourself approach to the project. Hiring professionals is a task that can either make or break the plan. For instance, employing an electrician to replace old wiring is a good start, but if the workers only show up in intermittent spurts, it can feel as if they are never going to complete the job they were hired to do. Homeowners are left at the company’s mercy, or they must fire the organization, and hope that the next one is more reliable.

Depending on the shape of one’s kitchen, minor plumbing changes may be all that is needed to enhance the atmosphere. Tile-in sinks can be replaced with a similar style, or with a drop-in design that sits on top of the countertop. Various factors can affect your purchase decision, from bowl depth to the number of holes for the faucet and accessories. Some models are thick and robust to handle the use of a garbage disposal, which also reduces noises caused by the rotating blades and motor vibrations. If you are having problems choosing the perfect one, contact our office for recommendations.

Taking a trip down a hardware store’s plumbing aisle reveals box after box of faucets claiming to do this or that. Homeowners should research accordingly to get the most bang for their buck and avoid purchasing one sporadically just because it looks pretty. Some kitchen faucet features include…

• High-neck spouts
• Pull-out sprays
• Single or double levers
• Touch technology
• Single hole, widespread, or under mount styles


Regardless of the look or design, if the fixture does not produce an efficient amount of water, the consumer will be unhappy with their investment. There are other accessories that homeowners should consider when changing their sink and faucet as well. A hot water dispenser provides steaming hot water instantly, so if you frequently drink warm beverages, or eat soup, this device might be a good choice. However, parents should keep their little ones away from the unit to avoid burns. After all, an accident can happen in the blink of an eye. Soap dispensers are also convenient. They are available in different brands and finishes to accommodate various tastes. Having one installed eliminates unsightly plastic bottles from hanging out on the sink. The possibilities as to what you can do to your kitchen, without remodeling are endless, so don’t hesitate to give us a call.