Transform Your Bathroom With A Tub Or Shower Remodel

Transform Your Bathroom With A Tub Or Shower Remodel

If you’re thinking of improving your bathroom, especially a larger main or ensuite bathroom, one of the things you’re likely to look at is a remodel of the tub or shower. These plumbing fixtures are typically the “showpiece” of any bathroom.

Here are some ideas to consider when tackling these important parts of the room.

Remodel The Tub Or Shower For Accessibility

For some, accessibility considerations can make a huge difference. Some homeowners, for example, may experience mobility issues as a result of aging and rely on the use of walkers or wheelchairs.

This can make the normal use of a bathtub or shower difficult or even impossible, necessitating moving to a retirement community or other facility with appropriate infrastructure. In some cases, a family may be welcoming a senior family member to live with them who has similar issues.

Remodeling the tub or shower to accommodate accessibility issues can sometimes be the deciding factor in whether someone can continue living in their home or relocate to more accessible facilities.

So, while this is not necessarily the most obvious remodeling choice, it can make a big difference for your household.

Whirlpool Tubs

Also known as “jetted tubs,” whirlpool tubs are on the luxury or premium end of tub or shower remodeling. The two biggest features of these tubs are the larger size, which lets one or more people stretch out and enjoy an unrestrained tub experience, and the water jets that pump out water at higher speeds for a more pressurized, therapeutic experience.

Pressurized water brings a wealth of benefits, including feeling more relaxed and even assisting circulation. So, while this is an expensive, luxury option, it is one that has a lot of advantages.

Vertical Spas

Parallel to a luxurious experience with whirlpool tubs, the “vertical spa” is a great choice if you are fond of showers. This consists of a monsoon shower or other powerful, vertical showerheads and is then complimented by water jets installed in the wall for additional streams to hit the body.

Depending on the design, these water jets can line two or even three walls if you are willing to invest in them. As the name implies, vertical spas provide a relaxing, almost massage-like experience.

With multiple shower streams that you can set the speed and pressure for, this can be a refreshing experience, especially for people with tired or sore muscles from intense activities.

Larger Shower Stalls

Installing a shower stall in your home offers multiple benefits. Beyond the luxurious experience of having a spacious shower stall that comfortably accommodates two people and the convenience of dual shower heads, there are practical advantages.

Shower stalls are excellent space-saving solutions, making them ideal for bathrooms of different sizes. They are also easier to clean and maintain than traditional bathtubs.

Moreover, shower stalls are highly customizable, allowing you to choose the design, style, and features that align with your aesthetic preferences. Whether you’re looking for a spa-like retreat or an efficient and stylish bathroom upgrade, a shower stall can be a fantastic addition to your home.

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