Transform Your Utility Room Into A Sight To Behold With A Remodel

Transform Your Utility Room remodel Into A Sight To Behold With A Remodel

Utility rooms are not always at the top of a person’s list when it comes remodeling. People usually choose to renovate bathrooms or kitchens first, and rightfully so. After all, family members spend a lot of time in these two locations, and the last thing they want is to stare at unappealing tubs, sinks, and cabinets each day. However, the laundry room is vital for washing clothes, keeping cleaning supplies contained, and it should not be neglected.

The utility room typically stays out of sight and out of mind unless something goes wrong. If the washing machine connections are ignored for an extended period, the shut-off valves can fail when you need them the most. Should one of the hoses bust or fasteners corrode and start leaking, homeowners need to be able to stop the water flow. Old drains, pipes, and other plumbing can cause people headaches as well.

Aside from the plumbing’s functionality, because of the constant moisture, stains can form on the floor, drywall, and other places. Most folks don’t want to stare at discolored tiles, wood flooring, or sheetrock but unfortunately, even the most thorough cleaning routine will likely neglect to remove the spots. Regardless of your needs, wants, and desires, give us a call to help design the utility room that your family deserves.


Things To Consider For Your Utility Room Remodel


1. Yorktowne Cabinets

By the time washing machines, dryers, mop sinks, and whatever else gets installed in a utility room, there is very little space for anything extra. This unpleasant circumstance leaves people scrambling to find places to put laundry soap, dryer sheets, and they might as well forget about storing other cleaning essentials like mops or brooms in the area. Yorktowne cabinets are the ideal solution for customizing the room for your specific needs. They ensure that homeowners gain the additional storage space that they require, and they give the place a touch of elegance.

2. A Stackable Washer And Dryer

While stackable units are not right for everyone, they can create extra space in tight, compact utility rooms. Acknowledging the fact that there is barely enough room for a person to turn around in some of these locations, every little bit counts, so the devices are worthy of your consideration. It is notable to mention that these washers and dryers don’t tend to hold as big of a load as conventional models though. Therefore, do some research and choose wisely to make sure you are happy with your decision.

3. Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tiles are perfect for kitchens, bathrooms, utility rooms, and many other areas in the home. They are water resistant, so people don’t have to worry about spills penetrating the surface and causing damage. The tiles come in different colors, sizes, and the pieces are incredibly durable. Plus, cleanup is a breeze as liquid, dirt, and mud just wipe away.

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