Try Upgrading Your Kitchen Cabinets To Pullouts

Contractors Kitchen Cabinets: Try Upgrading To Pullouts

For people who are overhauling their homes and getting new contractors kitchen cabinets, there’s one option to consider, especially for older homes with traditional cabinet systems. Instead of having an identical set of upper and lower cabinets, try replacing some lower cabinets with pullouts.

What Is A Pullout?

Pullouts are essentially drawers. Instead of opening the cabinet door and then having to reach into the rear to get a particular pot or appliance stored in the back, pullouts let you “pull out” the entire bottom surface, just like you would with a drawer, so you can easily pick up anything stored there, regardless of how deep is into the rear.

Depending on your storage needs, you may even prefer to completely switch out a pullout for a series of deep, wide drawers so that more items can be stored and “stacked” vertically. This gives you more possibilities for storage and more convenience.

Paying The Price

Of course, this added convenience also means that pullouts or deep, wide drawer systems are more expensive than the traditional contractors kitchen cabinets. If you’re on a tight budget, this may be an issue, especially if other items in the kitchen are a higher priority for upgrades.

However, it’s also important to note that anything that adds convenience to the kitchen environment doesn’t just personally benefit you in terms of convenience. This often adds to the home’s property value and future sales appeal, as popular features will be attractive to potential buyers who will be happy to see features they want already installed, eliminating the need for added remodeling costs on their part. And, of course, you can configure pullouts any way you like, whether it’s just under the kitchen sink or for every lower cabinet.

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