Turning Your Kitchen Around With New Kitchen Countertops

Many homeowners have become familiar with the little quirks about their kitchen. It may be a silverware drawer that always sticks, and you have to hit a special way to get it to open, or it could be a cabinet door that keeps slipping off the hinges whenever you go to grab a bowl. Often, family members have just grown used to operating around these little glitches, but over time, more parts of the kitchen can succumb to constant use.

Sometimes, a kitchen remodel can move from “maybe” to “this has to get fixed” very quickly, and these are the also often the times when there is no real plan in place for how to go about it. Even if homeowners have been considering making some changes in the kitchen, one of the reasons it does not get done is because there is no clear vision as to what it should look like.


Countertops-Big And Small Choices

In some cases, the remodel may involve very specific issues that need to be addressed, such as worn countertops, scratched cabinetry, or even the need for greater surface areas. However, many people do find that once they start thinking about replacing one part of the kitchen, they also start thinking about the other quirks of the room that they might be better off without.

Considering a full kitchen remodel can seem overwhelming, especially as there are numerous choices for designs, configurations, and materials. It can be helpful to utilize a design specialist to not only narrow down things like cabinets and counter surfaces, but to also generate a full picture of how the new kitchen can incorporate ideals that are in mind.

One of the most helpful aspects that a design specialist can offer is the ability to take all of your small concepts about what needs to happen to change the kitchen, and form a picture that looks at the entirety of the room. Being able to compare different options from this whole perspective will frequently take a lot of stress out of decisions for remodeling, since it offers the prospect of completion in a cohesive manner.

Another ideal consideration in allowing a design specialist to help you with your kitchen remodel is that they are also able to utilize existing features in more practical or visually pleasing ways. This could include things like the addition of an island cabinet and new kitchen countertops to offer more surface area and create a flow to the room, but could also be as simple as considering more efficient sink fixtures that will also add beauty. In this way, both your needs and your vision of the kitchen can be addressed in a way that makes choosing to remodel simple.


Taking The Leap

If you have been putting off fixing a squeaky cabinet or a kitchen faucet that has outlived its usefulness, then it may be time to look at the bigger picture of a kitchen remodel. At Cardigan, we can walk you through each stage of the process, from helping you with the design to choosing your new kitchen countertops that fit your aesthetic and your budget. You can visit our website for ideas, or contact us to get the design process started. The end result will be a kitchen that you can really live with and live in.

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