Two Sinks Are Better Than One: Why You Should Add A Prep Sink

Two Sinks Are Better Than One: Why You Should Add A Prep Sink

One of the most popular kitchen features among our clients is prep sinks. Prep sinks are different than a clean-up sink. They are a small sink often featured in the kitchen aisle or on the other side of the room from the clean-up sink. Prep sinks are used to make food preparation convenient. Rather than running back and forth across the kitchen when you need to use the sink, they are placed strategically where you’d need a second sink. Here are some of the reasons prep sinks are so popular.


Prep Sinks Are Incredibly Convenient


Prep sinks are incredibly convenient. When you are cooking, timing is everything. If you have to run back and forth across your kitchen to wash vegetables, get more water, or rinse out a dish, that’s precious time lost. The convenience of prep sinks makes cooking so much easier. Prep sinks also add an extra work station so two people can use the kitchen at the same time more easily. You’ll never have to worry about bumping into your family members at breakfast time.


Prep Sinks Are Ideal For Entertaining


If you love to entertain, prep sinks have a variety of benefits. First, they offer a second prep area where your friends and family can give you an extra hand cooking. Secondly, they give your guests a place where they can gather without interrupting your flow. Finally, prep sinks can be used for wet bar functions, leaving your clean-up sink free to clean up.


Prep Sinks Come In A Variety Of Styles


Clean-up sinks are the workhorse of the kitchen, so they need to be selected based on functionality. Prep sinks, on the other hand, are just there to add a helping hand so you can really play with the design. Prep sinks come in some really fun and funky styles that can help you add a little of your personal flair to your kitchen design.

If you’d like to add a prep sink to your kitchen, talk to the plumbing experts at Cardigan Kitchens and Baths. We’ll help you strategize where to put your prep sink and help you find one that meets both your needs and your personality. Then we can install the sink so it flows beautifully with the rest of your kitchen design. Call use today to learn more!