Understanding The Basics: A Kitchen Remodel Checklist

For most homeowners, the primary focal point of their house is the kitchen. So when it comes to remodeling the kitchen, it needs be aesthetically appealing and easy to use. For most individuals, this requires a great deal of planning prior to the start of the project. A good kitchen remodel checklist involves the installation of custom cabinets and custom countertops. However, it may also involve custom tile, electrical and plumbing upgrades, and considerable structural work as well.

About Custom Kitchen Remodel

In order to make the best use of working space possible, most homeowners will hire custom kitchen contractors and professionals to hand their remodeling projects. These individuals are legally certified and licensed to perform this type of work as well as being fully insured. This affords the homeowner the peace of mind they deserve when remodeling their kitchen. In addition to the different facets of a kitchen remodel mentioned in the first paragraph above, the homeowner has other options to consider.

For instance, they can select one of many different styles of freestanding kitchen units that are available in the home remodeling industry today. These units are tailored to look like matching kitchen components but are not connected to the fixed countertops or cabinets. These freestanding units can easily be customized to add more aesthetic appeal and extra storage space.



Attached cabinets can be customized with different styles of door and drawer fronts as well as a wide range of finishes based on the needs of the homeowner. Kitchens are comprised of two different types of cabinets, namely base or wall cabinets. They can be frameless (which is the European style) or constructed with face frames. The price of kitchen cabinets is usually determined by different factors such as the type of materials used, carcass member and panel thickness, etc.



During your kitchen remodel you may consider updated your kitchen countertops. Kitchen countertops can be installed in precut lengths and thicknesses based on what the homeowner is looking to achieve with their remodel. It is recommended that you choose one that is slightly wider in order to compensate for any cuts that have to be made during installation. Furthermore, there is a wide range of countertop materials to choose from such as solid wood, stone-effect, and veneered types or solid stone such as granite or marble.

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