Updating an Outdated Kitchen

Updating an Outdated Kitchen

Updating an outdated kitchen doesn’t necessarily mean you have to break the bank to do so. Even small changes like new hardware and fixtures or renewing and kitchen cabinet remodeling can go a long way in updating an old kitchen.

Upgrade Your Fixtures

If your kitchen is outdated, then the fixtures probably are too. If you have the same metal fixtures that were popular more than a decade ago, then it is time to switch them out for something new and much more modern. Matte aluminum, stainless steel, and brushed metals are good for your fixtures including the hardware on your cabinets.

Remove Upper Cabinetry

If you have unsightly upper cabinets that you don’t use, then you can consider removing them or replacing them altogether. Instead, you can choose cabinetry that complements the space and is more pleasing to the eye, or you can go for open shelving for a more decorative look.

Refresh the Kitchen Countertops

Outdated kitchens have outdated materials, and this includes the countertops. Newer and more modern materials like granite or quartz are good choices when renovating a kitchen and also add to the aesthetic of the room while allowing you a more durable workspace.

Another way to update an outdated kitchen is to upgrade your current lighting fixtures. Dimmer switches can also be installed which allows for more versatility and can help you set the right ambiance for a night in.

Pendant lighting works perfectly for over a kitchen island and introducing lighting to underneath the cabinets is a less intrusive way of illuminating countertops.

Add a Decorative Touch

Finally, you can add in your own decorative touches to the final product to modernize and update the kitchen. You can bring in some color or other accents that complement the colors found in your cabinets and countertops.

If you need more information about cabinetry options, kitchen cabinet remodeling, or have other questions about your kitchen renovation and upgrade, then contact us at Cardigan today to go over some design options.