Upgrade My Plumbing During A Kitchen Or Bathroom Remodel?

When mapping out a new kitchen or bathroom remodel, many people put the aesthetics and the visual function first. Your fixtures, your flooring, your countertops, your cabinets, and all these other often seen factors seem to take priority, but it’s important not to forget about your plumbing as well. Your plumbing is your home’s single most used fixture, and if you undergo a full bathroom or kitchen remodel without paying attention to your pipes, you could be effectively dressing up a ticking time bomb. If old pipes burst, it’ll ruin your new kitchen or bathroom, which is why it’s important to upgrade your plumbing as part of your standard remodel experience.

In older homes with older plumbing, the pipes could be corroding right now. This corrosion contaminates your water with other materials and leaves your pipes susceptible to leaking, and a remodel provides the perfect opportunity to take out these old corrosive metal pipes and replace them with more modern and safer options. With no inconvenience to you, you’ll be able to have all of your pipes replaced as you’re given peace of mind.

Additionally, upgrading the pipes in your home can also give you a better and more customizable remodel in general. Keeping existing pipes can cause your ability to truly personalize your new kitchen or bathroom to be hindered by limiting what you’re able to do in terms of design. Opting for a plumbing upgrade, however, you’re able to adjust and adapt your new plumbing to your new layout, giving you free and complete creative control. The new bathroom or kitchen of your dreams can really be made a reality, and you’ll also have sound and sturdy new plumbing you can appreciate for years to come.

At Cardigan, we can take care of the plumbing right along with your remodel, so you have no worries nor additional downtime. We don’t want you to have to learn through a burst pipe or a leak behind the wall that your plumbing is in bad shape, effectively ruining your nice new room, and we can make sure your plumbing is all taken care of as part of our simple remodeling process. To see how new plumbing can help your new remodel, call us at Cardigan today!

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