Upgrade Your Bathroom Now for Selling Later

bathroom remodel services

It’s no secret that an upgraded bathroom can upgrade the resale value of your home. Buyers who are looking for a place to live often have specific requirements when it comes to the number of bathrooms that a home has to offer, as well as the specifics of the ones that already exist. No one really wants to buy a home with an ugly bathroom that needs a lot of work unless they plan on buying a fixer-upper for a very low price that they can put a lot of money into after purchase. In order to receive the price that you really want for your home, renovations are a must. If you plan on selling your home in the distant future, you might want to upgrade your bathroom now anyway so that your family can enjoy it while you are still living in it. One way to know if you need a bathroom remodel; if your bathroom looks like something from the old “Brady Bunch” television show, it’s time to make some changes to become more of a “Modern Family.”

How Many Do I Need?

If you already have an extra bathroom or even a half-bath, you’re off to a good start. Many families who are purchasing a new home are looking for more than one bathroom to accommodate their brood. When doing a remodel, consider doing the majority of the work in the full bath, or master bath, and go lighter in the half bath or guest bathroom. Inexpensive upgrades can be as simple as fresh new towels, a curved shower curtain road with a new shower curtain in a modern pattern. Add some accessories that are eye-catching and your less-lived in bathroom can look fresh again.

I Only Have One

Even if you only have one bathroom, you can make it so modern and comfortable that it can persuade those who are looking for more to agree to less. If you have a large bathroom, consider a double vanity sink so that two people can get ready at one time. Or, separate the tub and shower. A good way to create lots of space in the bathroom is to install cabinets so that everyone can have a place to store their personal toiletries making it feel more like a private space.

Where Do I Start?

Start with a professional designer. At Cardigan, we’ll take a look at your current bathroom and help you decide how to make it bolder, richer, and more livable. We’ll help you with flooring and tiling, cabinets and sink tops, and much more. We’ve been in the business for a long time and we’ve seen it all. No job is too tough, or too scary. Even if your bathroom looks like its right out of “Ozzie and Harriet,” we’ll find a look that’s right for you. Live in it or sell it, we’ll make you love it.

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