Upgrade Your Bathroom To Upgrade Your Home’s Value

If you’re planning to sell your home soon, or simply considering a sale in the near future, you’re probably also thinking about the upgrades your home could use. When visitors walk through your home, potentially interested in making it theirs, they’ll be considering quite a few things, and the state of your most-used rooms is one of them. Your bathroom and your kitchen will be big focal points, and you could make for a better sale by focusing your own energy into them.

A bathroom remodel can do two things for your home for sale, it can increase the value you’re able to get for your home, and it can increase the way it pleases prospective buyers aesthetically. When a prospective buyer walks through a home during their home shopping journey, unless they want a “fixer-upper”, they’re going to try to look for a place where these important areas are move-in ready. A modern and updated new bathroom is a bathroom that is more likely to impress, and it could wind up being the deciding factor into whether they give you an offer or not. If you’ve ever sold a home, you’ll know that selling fast is a priority, and a new bathroom remodel can be just the thing that helps to make that happen.

Also, a home with a new bathroom is a home that will be worth more than one which needs some renovations. New plumbing, a new look, and updated fixtures will be factored into the price of your home, and even smaller scale remodels can increase your home’s value by quite a bit. Most of what was spend updating the bathroom will be able to be recouped via the increased value on the sale, and you’ll find that the remodel mostly pays for itself as it also allows your home to be sold quickly.

If you’re preparing for a sale, or you’re just thinking about it, we at Cardigan can help to get your bathroom in tip-top shape. To see what our designers can do for you, schedule a consultation with us today!

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