Ways To Save On A Remodel

Ways To Save On A Remodel

When considering a remodel, cost tends to be everyone’s biggest fear – and justifiably so. While we work with you to create the perfect project that fits within your budget, looming costs can still prove to be overwhelming. You can still achieve your dream remodel at a price you can afford, without cutting corners. When crafting the vision for your project, consider some of the following if you’re looking to cut down on costs.

Increase Efficiency

You do not need to knock out walls and take dynamite to a room (figuratively speaking, of course) to maximize space. Building up and creating horizontal planes, like drawers, can help create space.

Consider Long-Term Costs

When determining costs, you should weigh what the project may save you in the long run. For example, if your windows are currently rotted and drafty, it may seem lofty to replace them all. However, ponying up money in the short time to replace them could increase your home’s value and save you money on your heating and cooling bill in the long run. What may seem expensive in the short term could actually turn out to be cost-efficient in the long term.

Be Decisive

Once a project begins, one of the worst things you can do is to change your mind. Doing so will only increase your materials cost and your labor cost. The pre-planning stage is vital, and you should take time to thoroughly craft your vision. Have your contractor draw designs that will clearly indicate how the final project will look, so that you know exactly what will be occurring. Being specific upfront will prevent costly change orders, in turn saving you money.

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