What Affects My Bathroom Remodeling Cost?

What Affects My Bathroom Remodeling Cost?

One of the biggest concerns when it comes to bathroom remodeling is bathroom remodeling cost. A bathroom remodel can add a great deal of monetary, functional, and aesthetic value to your area home, but these projects do come with a cost. If you’re wondering what affects your bathroom remodeling cost, you’re certainly not alone. There are a number of factors that affect the cost of your bathroom remodel, and breaking these down can ensure you get the affordable remodel you’re looking for.

First and foremost, the average cost of a bathroom remodel will run somewhere around $10,000. However, this is an average, and this number can be much higher or much lower depending on just what you’re looking for. A lower-end remodel that only touches on some areas of your bathroom can be as low as $2,000, while a higher end and comprehensive full remodel can run a homeowner $20,000 or more. When considering your bathroom remodeling cost, first think about just what you want done and go from there.

Only about 20% of the cost of your bathroom remodel will account for labor, while the rest will be made up of materials. This shows you just how much you can control when it comes to bathroom remodeling cost, and how you can play with your options to get the bathroom remodel you’re looking for and for a cost that fits within your budget. Naturally, choosing less expensive materials will result in a lower cost bathroom remodel, but your remodel may not last as long as it would with higher-end material choices.

There are a number of considerations to make when it comes to choosing the materials and factors that will go into your bathroom remodel and bathroom remodeling cost. Your flooring, your cabinetry, your plumbing, and all aspects of your remodel will factor into the amount you pay. Talking to your bathroom remodeling professional at the design or consultation phase of your remodel will walk you through the process.

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