What Are Your Priorities For A Kitchen Remodel?

General Contractor In Maryland And Kitchen Remodel Priorities

Anyone thinking of taking on a major project like kitchen remodeling will want to work with a general contractor in Maryland for the best results. However, since most people won’t have an unlimited budget, it’s important to take a hard look at the entire project and prioritize what are the “must-haves” versus things that can wait.

Here are a few of the things that should take precedence.


This will affect the overall cost of any remodel project, and while it’s not quite as tangible a cost as the price of new cabinets, or floor tile, it affects the cost of these items. Plan carefully how you want your kitchen’s workflow to be now that it can be designed to your specifications.

Whether the new layout calls for an open plan concept adjoining another room or adds an island counter to enhance your preferred workflow in the kitchen, the layout is a crucial foundation that should cater to your personal preference.


This is all the “unsexy” support features that underpin a kitchen. Is the electrical wiring up to modern building code standards, or is it a very old home still running off knob and tube wiring? Are the water pipes made of modern galvanized steel, or are they older and still lined with lead, which presents a health risk?

Changing out cosmetic features like cabinets or countertop surfaces dramatically affects the look of a kitchen, but the infrastructure is what makes it work. Always take the time to refresh and modernize these features so that water, electricity, and even natural gas are safe and reliable.


They may be just for storage, but cabinets are often the heart of a kitchen. Quality cabinets can last the entire lifetime of a family in a home and beyond. They define the look of a kitchen since they are so large, but they also serve an important function in the kitchen’s workflow.

Cabinets are typically the most expensive expenditure if you ask a general contractor in Maryland, so make sure you put a lot of thought and planning into this aspect.


The counter is an essential feature of any kitchen because this is the workspace where things get done. A good portion of attention and budget should be devoted to the countertop and its surface if cooking is a regular activity in the household. Counters must be safe for food preparation, but they also need to be durable easy to clean and maintain.

It’s possible to get counters that fulfill all of these requirements. However, these are the hallmarks of quality countertops and surfaces, so be prepared to invest appropriately. Plenty of cheaper counters can meet some of these criteria, but they usually do so at the expense of having a shorter lifespan and showing their wear and tear more visibly.

Work With A General Contractor In Maryland

These plans should be considered carefully and discussed with an experienced general contractor in Maryland. Other features, like backsplashes and light fixtures, are nice to have, but these should be considered the top items on any list of meaningful kitchen remodeling that improves the home experience.