What Cabinet Material Should You Choose?

cabinet installation contractors - What Cabinet Material Should You Choose For Your Kitchen?

If you’re thinking of a major kitchen renovation, then new cabinets put in by cabinet installation contractors are the big-ticket item of most of these projects. However, when getting new cabinets, one thing you should keep in mind is that cabinet installation contractors will give you a choice of different materials. Here are the options you may be considering.

Stainless Steel

A very popular and expensive choice for people that want a less warm, more modern, or industrial look. Steel, of course, is incredibly durable, being resistant to staining, warping, and even termites. Of course, rust may now be an issue, but this can be taken care of with proper regular maintenance.


One of the most popular materials for cabinets, wood is traditional but incredibly durable choice. However, solid wood cabinets are also on the high end of material options in terms of cost. They do, however, have a timeless look and feel.


Medium Density Fiberboard, or MDF, is a “woodlike” material in that it is a composite made up of recycled woodchips. This gives a “woody” feel and finish but doesn’t cost as much as solid wood.


Where MDF is a composite of wood fibers and resins, plywood uses a different construction technique, with thin sheets or layers of wood laid on top of each other. This is a lighter and even cheaper alternative to MDF, suitable for people that want a lighter, less expensive material.


This is probably the cheapest alternative and a popular choice for people on a budget or creating kitchens for guest/rental uses. Woodchips, sawdust, and other wood shavings are combined into particleboard, making for a lighter, less durable, but much cheaper material.

If you’re selecting from stock cabinets, the materials will already be chosen ahead of time. However, if you’re working with custom cabinets, choosing a material is another choice you’ll have to make.