What Can You Do With Bathroom Lighting?

Bathroom Remodeling - What Can You Do With Bathroom Lighting?

Maybe it’s because people don’t think they spend much time in bathrooms, but lighting is often one of the things that get forgotten when it comes to bathroom remodeling. People might remember to get a new fixture for the ceiling light, but there’s actually more to think about when it comes to how to work the light in this room.

Bathroom Remodeling Tips For Your Home

Dimmers Can Set The Mood

If you’re finally getting that big bathtub to enjoy a relaxing soak, then you don’t need to work with only candles for mood lighting. Putting a dimmer switch in your bathroom is a great way to control the lighting, and this can even be helpful late at night if you want to use the bathroom, but don’t want to get blinded by the light suddenly coming on “full blast.”

A dimmer switch is a small, easy fix for your bathroom lighting, but it can make a big difference to your experience sometimes.

Get More Lights

Most people will install just one source of light in a bathroom, directly overhead in the ceiling. And while that gets the job done at night, it may not be adequate in every situation. If you’re shaving, or applying makeup, or doing anything that requires more light at specific areas, then a single light source is going to start feeling insufficient.

Think about adding more lights as sconces. This is especially true at or near the bathroom mirror area. Remember, you often use the bathroom not only to clean yourself up but to start looking neat and presentable. You need to be able to see yourself clearly to do this, and one light on the ceiling can be counter-productive.

With the right lighting choices during your bathroom remodeling, you can enjoy a whole new level of ease and convenience when you go into this room.