What Do You Need Bathroom Cabinets To Do?

What Do You Need Bathroom Cabinets To Do?

While getting bathroom cabinets installed during a bathroom remodel is not as demanding or expensive an experience as kitchen cabinets, there’s still some planning involved. You don’t spend much time in the bathroom compared to a kitchen, but it’s still a room you visit multiple times for day and plays an important role in cleanliness and personal grooming. Here’s what to look for when planning your bathroom cabinets.

Size Of Bathroom Cabinets

This depends entirely on the kind of bathroom you’re remodeling. If you’re creating a new, small, half-bathroom for another floor of your home, the bathroom cabinet and vanity can afford to be smaller. This won’t be the main bathroom and thus won’t have the same demands.

On the flip side, if the bathroom you’re remodeling is your own master bathroom, you and a partner may be sharing this bathroom, as well as undertaking more extensive activities here, like shaving, hair styling, skin conditioner application at bedtime, oral hygiene, and makeup application before going out. In other words, a larger, main bathroom will have to accommodate much more activity and thus may need to be bigger to hold more accessories and tools.

Electrical Access

For main bathroom use, another important aspect of bathroom cabinets is ensuring that power outlets are built where the cabinets are located. If the cabinets are part of the vanity and sink, many more electrical accessories are used today than in the past. Hair curlers, hairdryers, electric razors, trimmers, electric toothbrushes, or even just a place to recharge a phone or tablet are all common activities in a bathroom now.

If you have a bathroom shared between residents, especially if it is in use simultaneously, such as both partners getting ready for work, having enough electrical outlets at the vanity prevents arguments that may force one person to wait. It’s your bathroom, and you know your usage habits. Plan your bathroom cabinet arrangement accordingly.