What Do You Want Out Of Your Cabinetry?

In kitchen remodels, we at Cardigan will often spent quite a bit of time on the cabinetry design of the space. With cabinetry, this is often one of the first aspects the eye will be drawn to in a kitchen, and the cabinets which are built and installed will mean just as much to the new kitchen aesthetically as they do functionally. A kitchen without the right cabinets is a cluttered kitchen, and this is often one of the problems looking to become eliminated with a new kitchen remodel.

Before having your kitchen remodeled, it’s important to ask yourself “What do I want out of my cabinetry?” and with this question, you should consider the look, function, height, hidden appliances, and everything else you can dream up when it comes to your new kitchen cabinets. One big trend we at Cardigan are seeing now is things like warming drawers, butcher blocks, cutting boards, trash disposal, dish washers, and other little kitchen tools hidden within the cabinetry, and we love the brilliant and well-put together look this creates!

Another thing to consider is how high you want your cabinetry to go. Typically, cabinetry hung high will create an airy, light, and open look to your kitchen, but it’s not always practical. No one wants to stand on a ladder or stool each time they reach for a glass, so making sure to consider the height of your cabinetry, and how you’ll reach it, is important.

At Cardigan, we know just how deeply your cabinetry choices can impact your overall kitchen remodel. While you’ll want a particular look for your cabinetry, you’ll also want a particular functionality, and both of these aspects should be looked at equally if you want to make the most of your remodel experience. While designing your new kitchen, our professionals are experienced in all aspects of the remodel process, and they can help to make sure you get just the cabinetry you need!

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