What Kind Of Space Do You Need In Your Kitchen?

Kitchen Remodeling Contractors: What Space Do You Need?

You may have moved into a home years earlier, but now, after saving up for it, you’ve decided to finally upgrade the kitchen exactly the way you want it to give your home a new look and higher property value. Or maybe you’re planning to move into a new home, and you already know you’ll need to be talking to kitchen remodeling contractors about a serious renovation to what’s already there.

Regardless of the circumstances, one of the things you should do as you work with kitchen remodeling contractors is plan your space carefully. Every home is different, meaning the available dimensions for your kitchen space will also be different. So how do you make the most of what you’ve got?

Take Note Of Your Dimensions

First and most important, you should know exactly what you have to work with. It all starts here, with an accurate measurement of just how much space you want to devote to the kitchen. Whether that means measuring what’s already there or planning new dimensions once you tear down a wall to go open concept, you should always have the dimensions of your kitchen in mind.

Kitchen Access

If you’re not planning on going open concept, and you’ll have doorways or hallways leading into the kitchen, ensure these entrances have sufficient space. If you’re working with a doorway, a minimum of 32” of space across should be your goal, although more is always better. If you don’t have to worry about a door frame at all, shoot for a minimum of 36” for the passageway that leads to your kitchen space.

In terms of actual walking space in the kitchen, this depends a lot on how many active users you plan to have. If there’s one primary user, walking areas in the kitchen should have a minim clearance of 42”. However, if there’s another person regularly helping, add another 6” for a total of 48” of walkway space to ensure it’s easier to move around people.

Counter Space

Regardless of the placement of your counter, one thing you should always try to be uniform about is the total working counter space you make available for yourself. It’s recommended to give yourself a minimum of 158” of usable countertop space, whether an island or a traditional counter aligned with the wall. For depth, it should be at least 24”, and for vertical space, especially if cabinets are going to be mounted overhead, the absolute minimum you should give yourself is 15” of vertical clearance, although more is always better.

Next to the cooking surface of a stove or other appliance, you should try to leave at least 12” of space for ingredient placement on one side and 15” on the other. If your counter is part of an island with an appliance installed, such as a stove range, it helps to give yourself another 9” of counter space between yourself and the burners.

If you’re ready to work with kitchen remodeling contractors to renovate your kitchen and finally get the space exactly how you want it, we’re experienced, professional, and prepared to help. Contact us today.