What Makes A Good Kitchen Cabinet?

Kitchen Cabinet Remodeling: What Makes A Good Kitchen Cabinet?

Even if you’re trying to work with a smaller budget for a kitchen upgrade project, kitchen cabinet remodeling is typically the most expensive item on a checklist. That’s because kitchen cabinets are so large that the cost is always significant when combined with the skilled labor required to install them.

If you’re thinking of having some kitchen cabinet remodeling done, and want to make the most of your money, here’s how to ensure you’re getting good work done.


The best cabinets will be made with plywood, the most expensive option. The “low-high end” middle-of-the-road option is MDF, or medium-density fiberboard, which binds wood fibers to wax and resin. The most affordable option is particle board, wood chips compressed and bound with resin. Particle board is the most prone to wear and tear and the fastest to break down over time.

Drawer/Shelf Thickness

Less material means a lower price, but it also means lower quality. This is especially true in kitchen cabinet drawers, where thickness determines how sturdy and durable the drawers will be. ¾”, especially of plywood, is a solid drawer. 5/8” material is still durable, but not for as many years. A ½” of MDF will get the job done, but you may notice some wear and tear within a few years, and for cabinet shelves, it may even show as bowing/bending under the weight of stored items.


Premium hinges come with all kinds of extras, such as being “soft close,” so they always shut quietly and won’t slam shut. Cheaper hinges will still let you close your cabinet doors but don’t offer the same degree of quiet or positional freedom as the more expensive hinges.

If you have plans for a kitchen upgrade project and you’re thinking of getting some kitchen cabinet remodeling done, contact us today. We can help you with this most important aspect of your kitchen project and get you the best cabinets for your budget.