What Should You Do About Your Kitchen Floors?

General Contractor In Maryland & What To Do About Your Floors

A kitchen remodel is a big project and not one that should be entered into lightly. If you’re working with a general contractor in Maryland to improve your kitchen, one area you should consider is the floor. But how do you get a kitchen floor that works for you?


The most important factor you should consider is who will use the kitchen in the home. A couple living by themselves will have very different kitchen floor needs from a family with young children and even pets. And both of these residential types will have different needs from a senior couple who are more fragile and less mobile.

Material choice and durability of the floor are affected by the people who will be using the kitchen. A younger couple living independently may prefer a more delicate, aesthetically pleasing material. A family, however, with pet claws scraping against the floor and children dropping bowls and glasses, is more likely to opt for materials that can take the punishment and not look too obviously damaged by wear and tear. Seniors, on the other hand, may want to emphasize non-slip surfaces to reduce the risk of a slip and fall that can lead to serious injury.


Not all floor materials are created equal, and in many cases, what you sacrifice in looks may give you great gains in durability. Some people will want a kitchen floor that takes care of itself and only needs to be cleaned when there’s a spill. Others will want a kitchen floor that looks beautiful, but that will mean a willingness to care for that
floor over the years.

This is entirely a matter of personal preference, so think about what level of maintenance you are willing to expend on keeping your floor looking clean and attractive. In some cases, the more durable, low-maintenance floor may not always be the most expensive option. Hardwood floors in kitchens are feasible but require maintenance and resealing every five years.


For some, this may be the deal breaker or deal maker. Plenty of kitchen floor materials and options are available at different budget levels. However, some may be more appropriate for a specific look or style of kitchens than others. If your priority is a kitchen with a particular aesthetic, this can often narrow down what kinds of floor surfaces are available.

For example, as much as you may like the durability of concrete, and its low maintenance qualities, if the style of kitchen you’re going for demands lighter colors, then concrete is automatically out of the running. Conversely, some cheaper kitchen flooring options, such as vinyl, allow for various colors and even designs. They can match just about any kitchen style but will be less durable than a stone or tile option. How much the style matters is strictly personal preference, and some will put functionality above aesthetics, while others won’t.

If you have a big kitchen remodeling project you’re planning, and you’re looking for an experienced, professional general contractor in Maryland to make your plans a reality, contact us today.