What Should Your Home’s Bathroom Have Within Its Walls?

bathroom remodeling Crofton MD - What Should Your Home's Bathroom Have Within Its Walls?

Obviously, your bathroom must have water and drain pipes. But, it should also contain fixtures that cater to your household’s hygiene needs. Bathroom designs vary from one home to the next. Sometimes, homeowners are able to have them customized when they’re involved in the builds from scratch. However, on other occasions, people buy places already constructed and have no say-so over anything. Don’t fret if that’s the case and you can’t stand the sight of your bathroom anymore. Or, has the room just gotten old and stale over the years? Whatever the situation, our team is here to help with professional bathroom remodeling Crofton, MD. So, don’t delay. Instead, contact Cardigan today to schedule a consultation. Now, let’s look at some options that could take your restroom to the next level.

A Tankless Toilet

Most tankless toilets aren’t necessarily tankless; they just look that way. Rather, the tanks for these units are hidden inside the walls, and the bowls are all that people see. Therefore, a tankless commode can be perfect for your bathroom remodeling Crofton, MD, as it will give the room an out-of-the-ordinary appearance. That’s not the only reason to go this route, though. Tankless toilets are also water-efficient. Thus, by installing one, you might be able to reduce your water bill.

A Jetted Bathtub

Do you regularly have days that take tolls on your body? Even mundane and typically simple tasks can sometimes leave you achy and sore. The point is that you should have something in your house to combat such issues as they arise. That’s where a bathtub with jets can be of assistance. Thanks to it, you’ll be able to soak, and hopefully, the massaging will reduce or stop your pain.

A Walk-In Shower

Don’t worry if you’re not a big bath person. You can go with a walk-in shower alone or next to a jetted tub. Then, you’ll be able to wash yourself standing up whenever you wish. Those seeking bathroom remodeling Crofton, MD, with walk-in showers will need to decide if they want pre-fabbed stalls; think the fiberglass units you see at hardware stores, or should the shower be built from scratch and tiled? The choice is up to them. 

Are you ready to get bathroom renovations underway? Give our office a call to schedule a consultation today. After that, if you want to start, just let the staff member know. They’ll get your job on the books, and we’ll get your house fixed up in two shakes of a lamb’s tail.