What To Ask Of Your General Contractor Maryland

What To Ask Of Your General Contractor Maryland

A remodeling project is an investment into your Maryland home. Like any investment, you can make a good one – or you can make a not so good one. To ensure you’re doing the former and not the latter, there are a few questions that every Maryland homeowner should ask of any general contractor they’re interested in before they hire them for the job. These questions include:

• Do you itemize your bids? – Generally, a general contractor Maryland will provide a single bottom line figure for your bid. This keeps things simple, but it can be a bit confusing for homeowners of the area when it comes to exactly how much these services cost. When hiring a general contractor Maryland, asking for an itemized bid can help to break down the individual costs of all steps in the project, providing a more transparent experience for homeowners.

• Is your bid estimated or fixed? – An estimated bid is just that, a cost estimate. This means that the final price of the project could be lower or higher than what a homeowner expects from their bid amount. This can lead to unpleasant surprises for some Maryland homeowners. A fixed bid is accurate, it’s what you can expect to pay. For some projects, a fixed bid may be difficult or impossible if the job involves a number of unknowns. A great general contractor Maryland should be able to be open with you regarding if their bid is estimated or fixed.

• How long have you been doing business in Maryland? – An established general contractor Maryland has local suppliers, local clients, and a local reputation to maintain. They’re experienced with the types of properties in the area and have plenty of testimonials to back that experience up. Asking how long a general contractor has been doing business in the area, and asking for references, ensures you’re making the right decision for your home.

A great general contractor Maryland wants their clients to feel confident about their home investment, and for that reason they should be happy to answer any questions you may have. We strive to help our clients to make informed and confident decisions regarding their home improvement projects, and if you have any questions regarding a kitchen or bathroom remodel, contact us at Cardigankitchensandbaths.com today.