What To Consider For Your Bathroom Remodeling Design 

What To Consider For Your Bathroom Remodeling Design

The design process is one of the most important parts of the bathroom remodeling process and often one of the most intimidating. Afterall, it’s your design that will become your new bathroom. Working with a professional can serve as excellent inspiration for nailing the perfect bathroom remodeling design, but there may be some things you’ll want to consider first before sitting down for that first consultation:

• Make the most of the space you have available – If you have a small bathroom, you probably shouldn’t try for a claw foot tub and a separate shower stall. If you have a large bathroom, you’ll have quite a bit of space left over if you opt for a tiny vanity and minimalist shower. Start with your space as your foundation and figure out what works best within it before visualizing what you want your new bathroom to be.

• Consider light – Light is something that many homeowners in Maryland forget about when it comes to mapping out their bathroom remodeling design. Many start their day in the bathroom, they get ready in the bathroom, or they fix themselves up before going out in the bathroom, so lighting is crucial to a beautiful and functional space. If you don’t have any natural light, lighting installation will be a major part of a successful remodeling job.

• Accessibility – You don’t just want a beautiful bathroom, you don’t just want a functional bathroom, you also want a bathroom that’s safe and that you can feel at ease in. Having reinforcements installed that can later be used to anchor accessibility supports may be something that comes in handy in the future. Additionally, you may want to consider your shower placement to ensure floors aren’t likely to get slippery. An accessible bathroom remodeling design is still a beautiful design, and it’s one that you can truly enjoy knowing you’re secure.

Our professionals are here to help with your bathroom remodeling design ideas, your concerns, and your plans to make your dream bathroom your real bathroom. To learn more about the design process for a bathroom remodel, contact us at Cardigan.