What To Look For When Buying New Kitchen Cabinets

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Kitchen cabinets have added new features and esthetics that make even basic cabinets look great. More style for less cash it news to any remodeler’s ears. However, homeowners should consider looking into the other feature of a cabinet that are overlooked. Consider these factors to help you purchase the right set of cabinets that help you function more efficiently as you work in a busy kitchen.

A little research before your purchase can save you time and lots of money you would lose on a less-than-great kitchen cabinet set. Take a good look at the catalog, retail sites, online manufacturers and visit in-person stores to get an understanding of the type of quality cabinets you’d like in your kitchen. The most important thing here is to trust your taste. According the a Consumer Reports National Research Center survey, those who chose cabinets based solely on professional advice were more likely to report a problem with the cabinets they selected.


Buy What You Need

If your budget is tight, your focus should be on the bare essentials. Save time and space in your kitchen with a lazy Susan, deep drawers for pot storage, install a pull-down soap and sponge holders. If you are considering glazing, your cabinets remember they can an additional twenty percent of the cost, so make sure to include that in your budget. Don’t forget about labor and installation costs as well.


If You Can, Try Renewing Your Cabinets

Buying new kitchen cabinets and replacing sets by one of the priciest parts of a kitchen remodel. If you have cabinets that are square and sturdy, consider refinishing them with some simple sanding, painting, and/or staining. You can even get creative with your work. Add custom-built doors and dress them as you want. You can save a ton of money by turning your old cabinets into something new.


Decide On A Type of Cabinet

There are three main types of cabinets. They can vary greatly in price.

  • Basic Cabinet Inexpensive, ready to assemble and install cabinets set right on the shelf.
  • Midlevel Cabinets Midlevel cabinets are semi-custom models recommended for most kitchens.
  • Premium Cabinets
    Fully customized, made-to-order cabinet with varying options for storage and style


Details Make A Difference

Adding some details to your cabinets can make a huge difference in looks or use. Consider these few options when adding the final touches:

  • Tunable Hinges
  • Floating Panels
  • Drawer Slides
  • Frame-to-Carcass Joints
  • Shelf locks

If you are looking to add or refinish your kitchen cabinets. Call one of our contractors and set up a consultation appointment.

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