What You Need To Know About Moving Plumbing

Crofton Maryland plumbing services - What You Need To Know About Moving Plumbing

If you’re thinking of getting some remodeling done to your kitchen, your bathrooms, or both, one of the best early decisions you can make is to leave it to the professionals and work with experienced Crofton Maryland plumbing services.

One process that many people severely underestimate is the amount of work—and cost—that is involved in moving water fixtures. Moving a fridge to another part of the kitchen, for example, is only as difficult as it is to find people to help move the appliance. Moving a sink, a toilet, or a dishwasher to another location, however, is much more involved, and here’s why.

Water & Drainage Are Fixed

The first big issue is that any faucet, bathtub, toilet, or shower stall is not a separate appliance like a fridge or electric stove that can just be slotted into a space. Any appliance that uses water must have access to water, and water pipes are built into specific parts of the home. On the reverse side, that water, once used, has to go somewhere, and that’s where drainage pipes come in.

This means that if you want to remodel a kitchen and change the location of the sinks or rearrange your bathroom to change the placement of the shower stall to the other side of the room, you need to reestablish a connection for both the water pipes and the drainage pipes.

Access & Architecture

Crofton Maryland plumbing services can perform this work for you, but it’s not easy. If you want to move these water fixtures, this will require new plumbing connections and getting rid of old ones. At the very least, this now means that certain parts of the floor will have to be torn out to gain access to the plumbing. Depending on the design of the home, some parts of the wall may need to be torn out too.

If the plumbing is entirely new, such as for people that want to build a new “water closet” somewhere in their home with an additional toilet and sink, the same holds true. However, now there’s the additional need to assess where the nearest water and drainage pipes are concerning this brand new location, and determine how much new water and drainage pipe needs to be built out—and where—to connect the new pipe network with the existing infrastructure.

No Small Investment

A good rule of thumb for any plumbing movement is to expect to be expensive. If you’re looking at more than a “minor shift” of plumbing to a distance of three feet or more from the current position of a water fixture, costs spike. The cost to the relocation may range from a few hundred to over a thousand dollars, depending on how extensive it is.

All of this work can be done quickly and competently, but not easily, if you leave it to professional Crofton Maryland plumbing services. It’s important to explain exactly what you want, and then listen carefully as the experts assess the room, look at the pipes and determine the best course of action.