What You Should Have In Your Plumbing Emergency Toolkit

What You Should Have In Your Plumbing Emergency Toolkit

The longer you live in your home, the more likelihood there is of a plumbing emergency arising. However, when it comes to plumbing emergencies, there’s no excuse not to be prepared. Having an emergency plumbing toolkit that is easily accessible can help save you from having to make a service call, and can protect the goods in your home as well.

Compiling an emergency toolkit is easy to do and can make a tremendous difference were a plumbing problem to arise. When assembling your emergency plumbing toolkit, be sure to include the tools below.




When it comes to plumbing, an old bucket is a must. No matter if you are looking to hold boiling water or you are trying to capture spillage when you remove the p-trap in your sink, buckets are invaluable. You could also use a bucket to flush a toilet if the valve is not working. Consider a decently-sized bucket for your emergency toolkit.




Plungers are also necessities when solving plumbing emergencies. They can be beneficial in unclogging not just toilets but drains as well. You may want to consider purchasing two different types of plungers for your emergency kit. If you need to unclog your toilet, you’ll want to have a plunger with a flange. If your kitchen sink or shower drains are clogged, a standard-style plunger should suffice.




When someone typically encounters a toilet that is overflowing, their first instinct is to begin using the plunger. This could potentially create more of a mess. Instead, you would be wise to use a bailer and getting rid of excess water. Not only will this reduce overflow from the toilet, but it will also increase the likelihood of you getting a look at what’s causing the toilet to clog.




If your drain does not respond to your plunging efforts, a snake could do the trick. There are both manual or electric snakes, although you must have an electric drill if you wish to use the latter. Sliding a snake down a clogged drain could help push the blockage through.


Minimize Your Risk Of Plumbing Problems


Although it’s an excellent idea to have an emergency plumbing kit, you should also make efforts to prevent situations from arising. One of the best ways to do so is by contacting Cardigan Kitchen & Baths, who can help with all your remodeling needs.