What’s A Realistic Timeline For A Remodel?

Crofton Remodeling - What’s A Realistic Timeline For A Remodel?

If you’re getting some Crofton remodeling done for your kitchen, and this is for you, not for resale, then one of your big concerns will be just how long your kitchen will be “out of action?” What are the phases a Crofton remodeling goes through before everything is done?


Of course, no work is done at this point, so you can—and should—take as much time as you want this phase. Draw up plans, and, if you like, check out 3D models on a computer to virtually see what your future kitchen will look like so you have a better idea of what the final result will be.


The first actual work is taking down the existing kitchen. Depending on the size and extent of work, this can take one or two days, but the appliances, counters, cabinets, and even floor must go if it’s a total remodeling.


This is where the planning comes into effect. The locations of counters, power outlets, and plumbing will be marked out so that everyone knows where everything is supposed to go. This way, nothing gets built that needs to be torn down again, to make way for something that was forgotten. This can take a day or two.


This takes a week or less. In this phase, electrical wiring will go in, plumbing will be installed, gas lines built or moved if they are required, and HVAC work will be done, so the kitchen stays as warm or as cool as the rest of the house depending the season.

Walls & FloorM

This can take up to a week, depending on the type of work being done. Tile is installed, and drywall goes up.

Counters & Cabinets

It can take about ten days to do this final phase. After this is done, it’s just the final polish and installing appliances, backsplashes, and other details. All told, the average Crofton remodeling for a kitchen takes 6-8 weeks, depending on the work required.