What’s In A Kitchen Remodel Budget?

Full Kitchen Remodel Cost - What’s In A Kitchen Remodel Budget?

One of the biggest and most visible renovations in a home is remodeling a kitchen. But if you’re going to invest in this move, and you don’t have a lot of experience, planning your budget will help. Where does the money go when you’re budgeting? Here are the top three expenses that make up a full kitchen remodel cost.


If you’re going to get brand new counters, especially if you want quality surfaces like wood or quartz, this is going to be one of your first expenses. Of course, the total cost for counters depends on just how big your kitchen is, like any other remodeling expense.

However, in general, you expect your countertops to cost a few thousand dollars minimum. This goes up depending on the quality of the counters you want, but typically, $6000 for an average size kitchen is what new counters will cost.


This can cost you either nothing, or it can be the second largest expense you have for a full kitchen remodel. If your stove is over ten years old, and the faucets and sink in the kitchen are 20 or more years, you’re probably going to want an upgrade. While it’s possible to go for the cheapest appliances you can find, if you want quality products that will last, this can average about $8000.


This is the most expensive investment when figuring out a full kitchen remodel cost. Without strict supervision of cabinets purchasing and installation, this can easily run into the tens of thousands of dollars. A large kitchen renovation with premium cabinets can easily cost over $50000!

If you’re not looking at that price range for cabinets alone, you can either “reface” existing cabinets, which is essentially a facelift. However, if you’re looking to expand or relocate brand new cabinets, it’s pretty reasonable for cabinetwork to start at $15000 and go up from there.

Be aware; it’s very easy to let kitchen budgets spiral out of control without careful planning and talking to your contractor.