What’s The Big Deal About Resetting A Toilet?

What’s The Big Deal About Resetting A Toilet

Resetting a toilet might seem like an easy project; one you can take on yourself on a slow weekend day without much worry about anything going wrong. While resetting a toilet might seem simple enough, it is a plumbing project and one that is best left to the professionals. Failure to reset the toilet properly can lead to toilet water leaks, toilet failure, and an even bigger and more complicated project that comes along with much greater cost.

How Do I Know When My Toilet Needs Resetting?

There are a few signs that your toilet may need resetting, these include:

  • Water pooling where your toilet meets your bathroom floor.
  • Bathroom flooring feels spongy or loose when under foot.
  • Wood flooring around the toilet may begin to lift or warp.
  • If the failing toilet is on an upper floor, you may see staining or moisture on the ceiling from below.

If you see any of these signs, it could be your toilet telling you it’s time to call the professionals for a reset. Failure to reset the toilet or otherwise fix the problem can lead to rot underneath your flooring, mold growth, or exposure to contaminated toilet water.

Why Call The Professionals?

Resetting a toilet involves replacing the wax ring that prevents moisture, sewage, and gas from escaping from the toilet and into your bathroom. This wax ring will break down over time, and it’s fairly normal to need to reset a toilet every handful of years. While it may seem like a simple project, it involves the replacement of a crucial part of your indoor plumbing system. Failure to reset the toilet correctly can lead to devastating consequences.

Resetting a toilet may expose a person to harmful gases or contaminated water. Only a professional will be able to safely handle these elements without further contamination of your bathroom. By taking a DIY approach, a homeowner may further contaminate their space without realizing it, release hazardous gases into the home, or fail to reset the toilet properly leading to further damage over time.