What’s The Difference Between Cheap & Expensive Kitchen Cabinets

Contractor Kitchen Cabinets & Cheap Cabinets: What's The Difference?

It’s conventional wisdom these days that if you’re undertaking a kitchen remodeling project, contractor kitchen cabinets are often the most expensive single item in the project budget. Many people try to save money here, but with cabinets already being so expensive, what are you paying for aside from one being “better” than the other? What exactly is the difference between cheaper contractor kitchen cabinets and expensive ones?


One area where “better” can be objectively measured is longevity. More expensive cabinets are built to last, which applies specifically to things like whether the cabinet will fall apart one day. Cheaper cabinets save on materials and structural reinforcement, meaning the time before a cabinet starts to sag, and show visible signs of no longer being able to support its own weight—let alone items stored inside—is reduced with cheaper cabinets.


This can be a big one for some homeowners. The more expensive kitchen cabinets often mean you get features you wouldn’t enjoy with a cheaper installation. Having some floor cabinets changed over to pullout drawers, for example, means that now any pots, pans, or even appliances stored in these lower cabinets can be quickly and easily pulled out, even if they’re in the rear, rather than having to squat on the floor removing a bunch of items to get at the one that’s stored in the back.

Other features, such as adding a Lazy Susan to a corner cabinet to make it more useful or soft close drawers to keep drawers quiet, easy to open, and more convenient, all add to a kitchen’s usefulness. However, these additional investments can also help add to the property’s overall value, benefiting you should it come time to put the home up for sale.

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