What’s The Right Kitchen Sink For You?

What’s The Right Kitchen Sink For You? - Remodeled Kitchens

If you’ve been looking at other kitchens and decided that it’s time to remodel your own, you’re making a great decision. A kitchen built to meet your specific needs is a great addition to your home and home life. However, now that you can make the kitchen exactly the way you want it, what should you do about your kitchen sink? Here are some tips on how to approach this part of your remodeling.

What Do You Need?

The most important question you need to ask is what you’ll be using the kitchen sink for. It’s not unusual to see many homes supporting a traditional “double bowl” kitchen sink, with two, divided, separate sinks. However, this type of arrangement only makes sense for people still handwashing dishes, or who have two cooks in the home that may still be cooking at the same time.

If your dishwashing is handled by dishwasher—or about to be, thanks to the remodeling—you don’t need this traditional configuration. If you’re the only cook in the home, you also don’t need it. So take a good look at what your kitchen activities are going to be like, and start thinking about your sink needs based on that.


If you cook a lot and use your sink for washing and other food preparation, think about accessorizing. Kitchens can have sinks that are personalized into cooking workstations, with grates to hold food while washing, containers for knives, and other assorted features that make life easier.


Finally, are you happy where the sink is? Depending on the scope of your remodeling, you may want to think about moving your sink to another part of the kitchen entirely. Always talk to professionals about this, so that you can be sure that when you remodel your kitchen, it suits your needs, as opposed to you have to accommodate your new kitchen.