When Do You Need A Plumber?

Crofton Plumbing Services - When Do You Need A Plumber?

Anyone that owns a home or runs a business knows that eventually, some problem is going to arise with the building that needs to be addressed. The smart thing to do is know when to call the professionals in so that a small problem gets fixed quickly and cost-effectively before it gets expensive and interferes with living or working inside. But there are times when professional Crofton plumbing services are required, and times when you only need to unscrew an aerator and remove some blockage to restore good water pressure.

So when are the times when you should call a professional?

Your House Smells Like A Sewer

This is a pretty serious issue. If there’s a prevailing smell throughout the home or workplace of sewage, and there’s no visible source of it, such as overflowing toilet, this likely means there is a crack or leak in your drainage pipe somewhere, and the wastewater of the building is now leaking out. If you smell it now, this means the leakage has piled up to a potentially risky level.

Because drainage pipes are laid out under a building, there is no way for you to access these pipes and inspect them for leaks with conventional home tools. Professionals are required with the experience and the equipment—such as remote cable cameras that can travel through pipes—to assess the situation and find out exactly how to fix it.

There’s No Water In The Home

The first thing you should do is check to see whether there was work being done on your street that day that required a shutting off of the water supply. The next thing you should do, if you already know that no work was scheduled, confirm with neighbors whether they have water flowing or not.

If it is only your household or workplace that is not getting water, call the professionals. This could mean there is a catastrophic break in your water pipe somewhere ensuring that water is continuing to flow, but it’s not getting into your home. Rest assured, however, that if your building is not getting water at all, and others are, this is a serious issue and requires a comprehensive, professional response from Crofton plumbing services.

You’re Renovating Your Kitchen Or Bathroom

Sometimes you want to call the plumbers before a big problem comes up, to ensure that no problems do occur. People who have decided to change their home—either to improve it for themselves, or add more value for resale—will often target the kitchen and/or bathroom as places to upgrade.

The one thing both of these rooms have in common is that they heavily rely on plumbing. There’s no point in adding a new “water closet” style small bathroom to the first floor of your home, for example, if you’re not going to include a sink and toilet. For reliable, lifetime results, you don’t want to try installing new plumbing in a kitchen or bathroom yourself. Always leave the construction of new plumbing to Crofton plumbing services. You can’t go wrong with this choice.