When Is It Time For New Cabinets

Contractors Kitchen Cabinets: When Is It Time To Replace

Most people who get professional contractors kitchen cabinets installed in their kitchen invest in a quality product with proper installation. With solid cabinetry construction and installation, the average kitchen cabinets will last for most of a lifetime, about 50 years!

For some, that means contractors kitchen cabinets are a once-in-a-lifetime purchase, which is only done when moving into a new home and changing the kitchen. But there are some circumstances when you might need new cabinets, such as:

Water Damage

While your top cabinets will be relatively safe, floor-level cabinets, especially those located at the kitchen sink itself, are always potentially at risk. If no one is home when a water pipe springs a leak, for example, then enough water can saturate the cabinetry to the point where they become soft, deformed, and discolored.
If the water damage has affected the sides of the cabinet and not just the doors, it’s recommended to go for a full replacement, as structural integrity has been compromised.

Mold Is Forming

If you can catch it and clean it early enough, it shouldn’t be a problem. However, if not addressed, mold continues to grow if it finds a moist, dark environment. What starts as a noticeable smell eventually turns into a possible health hazard. Mold constantly sends particles into the air, and anyone that lives in an area with mold is breathing these particles in.

This can create a health hazard, especially for people with respiratory conditions.

The Material Feels Soft

If you test the solidity of your cabinet by pushing or pressing against it, and it gives under pressure, that’s a serious problem. Quality cabinetry should always feel rigid, not soft and pliable. The same is true if you look at the bottoms of the cabinet and notice they are bowing under the weight of items inside.

This is a sign that the complete breakdown of the cabinets isn’t very far away, and you need to think about installing new contractors kitchen cabinets.