When Is It Time To Remodel A Kitchen?

Kitchen Remodeling Design: When Is It Time?

While most kitchens are functional, there may always come a time when you’re considering some kitchen remodeling design. Of course, a remodel is a fairly significant investment in a property, often one of the most single expensive projects to undertake in a home. There are, however, certain circumstances or times when kitchen remodeling design is called for.

These are some of the situations that arise where you may want to consider this remodeling project.

Your Family Situation Is Changing

It’s normal for homes to change as new additions are added to a family. That home office finally converts to a bedroom, and in the kitchen, if children are going to be present, major changes may need to be made here. Some of these remodeling changes could be for safety reasons, such as changing the storage of knives, wine openers, and other potentially sharp objects. Hence, they are no longer easy to access.

On the other hand, changes may be made to accommodate the needs of children using the kitchen eventually. The microwave oven, for example, is a very easy and child-friendly appliance, but if it is mounted just under a stove or upper cabinet, it can be hard for children to access. Moving it to a lower position means children can more easily use it for their meal preparation rather than relying on you to use the microwave.

You Need More Accessibility

Whether through aging or circumstances such as an accident, there are some instances where a normal kitchen—and even bathroom—are no longer sufficient for a person’s needs. Seniors with mobility issues, such as using walkers or wheelchairs, may find that once easy-to-reach cabinets or easy-to-use counters are now a struggle that compromises their ability to live in their own homes independently.

Kitchen remodeling design can sometimes be critical to allowing a homeowner to remain in a familiar setting with the time and memories they’ve put into a home. This can sometimes be an important concession for allowing a loved one to continue to live in a home they love.

The Kitchen Is Old

This is one of the most common reasons, and some homes throughout the country still haven’t had their design touched in decades, sometimes even generations. Unlike other rooms in a house, kitchens can’t keep up with the times as easily due to fixtures like faucets and appliances like stoves being more difficult and expensive to update.

As a result, it’s not unusual for many homeowners to purchase a property and find that the kitchen is years behind current design and decorative trends. This may even be a choice for you as a homeowner, having lived on the property for a few decades without an update and feeling like it’s time for a change. Updating an older kitchen brings many benefits, such as introducing newer features, like rollout cabinets, or recent design trends that weren’t popular before, like open-concept kitchens or island counters.

If you’re thinking of a kitchen remodeling design project and want experienced professional results, contact us today. We can handle upgrades to your kitchen to bring it up to date or improve it for whatever current needs your life situation now has.