When Is The Best Time To Remodel?

Bathroom And Kitchen Remodeling Companies: Best Time To Remodel?

People choose to work with bathroom and kitchen remodeling companies for a variety of different reasons. There is, however, usually one main underlying reason beneath it all, and that’s a wish to improve the home. That motivation may be to have a home that more precisely fits a family’s needs, or a simple desire to improve property value, but the need to see visible, tangible improvement remains.

With the decision to remodel, especially if it is an extensive job, such as both a kitchen and bathrooms, comes a big decision. This will take a lot of time and effort and will cause considerable disarray. So when is the best time to hire bathroom and kitchen remodeling companies to do this kind of job?

Before Moving In

For many homeowners, this is the ideal period to get extensive remodeling work done. The reason for this is simple; you’re not living in the home yet, and thus don’t have to worry about the imposition this will have on your daily routine.

If you’re moving from one home in a town or city to another in the same area, this is the most convenient period to do work in. You can give the remodelers access to the house; floors can be torn if required, water can be shut off for days while new plumbing is installed if needed. At the end of it all, you arrive at your home with a modern bathroom or kitchen precisely as you’d envisioned.

After Moving Out

Another convenient time, though this is mostly for property value reasons, is to get extensive work done before putting a home up for sale, but after you’ve moved out. If you are in a situation where you’d like to increase the sale price of your home, getting bathroom and kitchen remodeling companies to update these rooms is a perfect way to do it. This is especially true if the bathroom or kitchen hasn’t been remodeled in over ten years.

As with the previous option, convenience is the primary reason for this timing. If the scope of the job is significant, involving moving plumbing around or installing new pipes, this can mean floors and walls needing to be torn down, in addition to hours or even days with no water in the home. If your only concern is raising property value, and you have means, don’t be living in the house when work of this scale occurs.

During The Winter

For people who are thinking mostly about cost and time, the winter season may be a more opportune period. Due to the more flexible schedules, gentle weather, and the ability for people to go on vacation, summer is often a popular period of remodeling, and often the busiest season for bathroom and kitchen remodeling.

Winter tends to be a much slower period, meaning that if you have the time and availability, you may be able to secure better pricing and more flexible terms from companies that are more hungry for work.